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Unlock the Power of Your Data with Expert Data Annotation Services

In today’s data-driven world, quality annotated data is the cornerstone of advanced machine learning models. At Bornbix, we provide precise and reliable data annotation services to help you unlock the full potential of your data.

Our Services

Image Annotation

Image annotation tools are essential for labeling images, combining human expertise with computer-assisted methods. This crucial step in developing computer vision models supports tasks such as image segmentation, object classification, and image detection. Annotations can range from labeling every group of pixels in an image to applying a single label to the entire image.

​High-quality annotations are vital for successful machine learning projects involving computer vision. The specific use case of your project will determine the type of annotation required.

Image Annotation Services


It is the most common type of image annotation used in computer vision by Labelify experts.


Annotating objects with polygons allows for all edges to be marked, regardless of their shape


Segments images into components and then annotations are made.


Transform image data into image insights that can be used to build AI and ML models.


Label 360-degree videos and images captured by multi-sensor cameras in order to create accurate, high-quality labels.


Annotators can use cuboids to generate training datasets that teach ML models how to recognize depth of objects.


 Image annotation platform uses image interpolation to quickly annotate files such as JPG, PNG and others.


Marking specific points of interest (keypoints) on objects within images, often to capture the shape, posture, or structure of the object.

Process Flow

Our subject matter experts will guide you through the process to develop a customized end-to-end workflow.


1. Expert Consultation

Transformative, solution-based approach. Multidisciplinary problem solving. Improved resilience and agility.

2. Training

Targeted resources. Custom skilling. Deep and focused microlearning. Domain expertise. Rostering tools.

3. Workflow Customization

Alignment between processes and tools. Structured Development Milestones. Production and QA annotations can be done in two steps.

4. Feedback Cycle

Analytics can help you achieve transparency Real-time Monitoring and Service Delivery Insights. Edge Case Insights. Dynamic Model Improvement.


5. Evaluation

Evaluation of the deliverable. Evaluation of the most critical metrics and quality assurance procedures. Model reconsideration. Analyse of the business’s performance.

Why Us


Accelerate AI Projects

Quickly develop and improve your AI/ML models to bring your solutions to market faster and gain a competitive advantage.

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Make Data Actionable

Rapidly unlock the value of 2-D and 3-D image data from various sources using your preferred tools and methods.

Drive Innovation

Free your data scientists to focus on higher value work by leaving the complex data preparation and annotations to us.


Improve Data Quality

Move your complex LiDAR, orthomosaic, point cloud, and photogrammetry image data over the quality finish line.


Scale Your Operations

From proof of concept to production, tap our proven people, processes, and technology to ramp up to your full potential.


Harness Our Expertise

Our industry training and experience annotating all forms of aerial, UAV, and geospatial images mean you get expert, quality labeling.

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